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Act 4: Helping Someone to Learn Something New

Today I woke up thinking what kind thing can I do today? It gives me something to look forward to and feels kind of like a new purpose in unsettling times. I have made a list to refer too when I get stuck for ideas. But, sometimes like today, I feel extra kindness energy is needed closer to home.

Today, I became a music teacher, teaching Ben some introductory music lessons. My music knowledge is limited. But, I have played an eclectic mix of instruments in my life, albeit for short amounts of time. That list includes: piano, clarinet, flute and the glockenspiel...yes, the glockenspiel, a very useful and LOUD instrument. I did pay the tin whistle once while walking down George Street in St. John's, Newfoundland. A lady shouted out, "Don't quit your day job!" Soooo....I won't count that one.

Of course, there is always karaoke, that is a given!

Isolation from his friends has become monotonous for Ben. We are allowed so many people in a bubble where we are but our extended family does not live here. So, he is still mostly not seeing and playing with his friends. Although, he does talk to them on kids messenger. One of his friends plays the piano for him while they are talking. This pulled at my heartstrings (no pun intended) as I had planned to put Ben in music lessons this year when the hockey season ended.

Today he was feeling the effects of missing his friends. I was feeling tired too but I pushed myself to pull out his keyboard and a glockenspiel I had to introduce him to playing different notes. I wanted to get him off screens and have something that he loved that he could focus on when he was feeling frustrated. For me, that was drawing growing up and writing stories.

I could see him brightening up as we went through some simple songs. We started with Hot Cross Buns and he quickly memorized it on both the glockenspiel and the piano. I hadn't seen him so proud of himself for a long time. Luckily for him, he has a fantastic, musical Auntie who we called to get suggestions for what to learn next.

I hadn't seen him so excited about something to learn for a while. He wants to go beyond and learn the violin and the drums. Taking that little bit of extra effort today paid off for me. By helping him play, I rediscovered that part of my childhood that I loved.

Maybe we'll start a band, who knows? Is there a demand for a piano glockenspiel band? ;)

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