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I have been drawing and writing stories for most of my life!  Early in school, I was drawing giant cartoon posters at school of characters like Garfield and Mario - then selling them for 25 cents each.  Even then, I had a creative and entrepreneurial spirit.

Before I was 7, my family had moved 4 times between Newfoundland, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland back again, and I think that is what led to all the imaginative stories and daydreams that filled my head.  One lifetime doesn't seem long enough to get them all down on paper!

My biggest challenge was believing I could become an artist, writer and illustrator.  I had a creative writing teacher who gave me the advice to believe in myself and my work.  But it wasn't until much later that I listened to that advice.

I painted windows for businesses in my 20s, did a couple of years at art school and then left to live in the UK!  There, I studied creative writing and was published in non-fiction books for both illustrations and writing.

My husband and I moved back to Canada later on and after having our beautiful son, I opened my art studio and gave classes in 2015.  

But, in 2019, my first children's book was published and I truly felt that I had come full circle and home to doing what I truly love.  Some of the characters that I draw now, I doodled when I was a teenager!

My greatest achievements are when children come up to me at different events and say they love one of my books, or a mom tells me that their child can't put down one of my books.  To me, that is the greatest feeling in the world.







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