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Act 2: Handwritten Thank Yous

I don't know what it is with me and birthdays, Christmas cards and sending notes through the post. If I have someone local to say happy birthday or thank you too it is no problem, I make it on time. But for some reason, if it requires getting a stamp or trotting on down to the post office, I procrastinate like crazy. I have always been this way and I cannot really explain it. Maybe it's because I have a creative brain? Who knows but today seemed like a great day to tackle it with my kindness project.

Every time I make a sale of one of my books or someone gives me a positive comment, I absolutely cherish it. Being an artist and author, it took me years to put my voice out there. I appreciate someone taking the time to comment or let me know that they like what I am doing. I am so lucky to have so many people in my life to cheer me on. Even people I worked with 10 and 20 years ago, who you never expect to pop up and say, "I see what you are doing and it's great." It certainly did not always feel this way. Any kind act that comes my way in life is appreciated but maybe I could work on showing my appreciation a bit more.

When this covid thing started in March, Ben (my son) had gotten a little Snoopy tin with cookies that looked like a mail box, with a little lever and everything. In the night I would write him a lovely message and usually at some point in the day, there would be a handwritten message back on my desk. There is something sweet and special about someone taking the time to handwrite a note. In the days of technology, it has become even more precious to find a handwritten envelope in a slew of bills and flyers stuffed in the mailbox.

I also thinking that taking the time of physically handwriting the words "thank you" to someone makes us be mindful of what is important and what we have in our lives. It can only enhance our gratitude.

I picked a few friends and people in the community who have been cheering me on to write thank you notes: my aunt who sewn us masks and sent them from Newfoundland, my best friend who always listens when I vent about anything, a couple of the countless people who like, share and comment on my posts. All these actions make such a difference.

I know I will be writing many more to send out soon!

Thank you for reading this today :)

'We must find time to stop and thank the people who make a difference in our lives.' John F. Kennedy

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