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Private Client Services


When you contact me for a project, I will work with you to understand exactly what you are looking for before providing a quote.  The quote will include all potential costs including initial sketch if required.  Usually, a quote for these types of projects is based on costs of materials and estimated time for the completion.  Once I provide the quote, then that is the final costing for the end product.  


Prints are also available for any of my paintings in my private collection.



Portraits can be done based on blurry or historical photos.  There is a choice of a variety of mediums.  I can provide previous examples of each for you to decide on as well as the costing for each.

Landscapes/Still Lifes


Perhaps there is an old black and white photo which brings back memories to you which you've always wanted painted.  I can work from photos and information from you to give you your ideal unique piece of art.  

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