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Commercial Services


When you contact me for a project, I will work with you to understand exactly what you are looking for before providing a quote.  The quote will include all potential costs including revisions and the final product.  Then, if you accept, I will provide you with a draft or sketch of the project then we will work together until it is acceptable.  This usually does not require many revisions.

 Posters & Cartoons


The image on the left was a political poster design completed for the Public Service Alliance of Canada.  To the right was a bare bones sketch to confirm the project was going the right direction.


After the inital discussion,  it required only 2 revisions before the final product.

Decorative Windows


To the left is an example of a window done for Stratford Toyota and on the right one for the Stratford Tourism Alliance .


My quote includes the price of a draft sketch, the windows, and the price of cleaning afterwards (optional).


Although every project is different, I can provide a general price list of window costings based on window size and % or window covered.  


Please contact me for a price list.

Children's Book and Non-Fiction Book Illustration


The image on the left is an example of an illustration recently completed for a Children's book.  The one on the right is a non-fiction book featuring my illustrations.


If you require an illustrator, I can provide a quote based on your needs and the number of images required.

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